Welcome to Belize Four-Mile Lagoon
Marina Cove Project

  • Water front property perfect for boat enthusiasts
  • Lagoon is safe harbor as hurricane shelter
  • A marina is planned for the area to be ideal for boaters
  • Located in English speaking country of Belize
  • 12 minutes boat ride to hospital in Mexico
  • Close to Chetumal, Mexico and the Corozal Free Zone
  • Property has a family of deer, toucans, and orchids
  • Water is full of fish and there are manatee

The property is located where a marina is planned. There is access to the Rio Hondo River, and the city of Chetumal in Mexico is accessible by water.

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The property has access to half a mile of lagoon and river frontage and can be accessed by sea and land! It is situated near the Corozal Commercial Free Zone (duty free) and is a few minutes to the country of Mexico.

It is located along the Northeastern side of 4-Mile Lagoon, also with frontage along the Rio Hondo River which is the Northern Most International Boundary of Belize.

Come and get the feel of this new development with lots of appeal to boaters, fishermen, retirees, and folks who desire waterfront or water accessible property but don’t wish to be entirely out in the open on the coast of the Caribbean Ocean. This marvelous place is located in Northern Belize approximately 4 miles from the Northern Highway on an all weather road. Utilities are on the highway as well.

The Corozal Free Zone is just about 4 1/2 miles from the property where there are Casinos and hotels and one can purchase retail goods for export only.

The property is ideal for developing a Casino and Hotel where a marina is planned to cater for water craft owners. A Marina would be ideal due to the location which is a protected lagoon and river.

The lagoon connects to the Rio Hondo, the border which is between Belize and Mexico. It is just a short boat (15 min) trip East on the Rio Hondo into Chetumal Bay and the Caribbean Ocean. Therefore, there is easy water access for sailing, boating and fishing. There is a variety of restaurants, shops such as (Sam’s Club and WalMart), and medical facilities in Chetumal, Mexico, which can be visited with a short boat ride.

Four Mile Lagoon offers salt water fishing at the North end and fresh water fishing at the South end where it is fed by a fresh water stream. This development is just across the lagoon from the Belize Free Zone which is 10 minutes away by car. The Casinos are also available for your amusement and entertainment. Depending on the speed of your boat, it is less than 20 minutes from Chetumal, Mexico. Belize Customs and Immigration have offices on the shore of Consejo Village, so exit from and entry into Belize are facilitated for folks in this area.

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